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History Curriculum

At Farnborough Road Infant School we are HISTORY MYSTERY DETECTIVES! We want all our children to love History. We want them to have no limits to what their ambitions are and grow up wanting to be teachers, archivists, museum curators, archaeologists or research analysts, be curious about their own past, family history and local history. We want them to feel encouraged to visit Museums, castles and other significant historical buildings and sights of interest. They may wish to pursue the subject at university or simply enjoy it as a hobby.

We want to make History exciting and relevant, encouraging children to be history detectives and time travellers, which will evoke both curiosity and open minds. Lessons will be practical and sensory and discussion and debate will widen  vocabulary and knowledge.

History enriches other areas of the curriculum building schematic skills which will support and develop their knowledge and understanding. History will be relevant to our children by encouraging them to research local and personal History. For example, the fantastic contributions made by our families towards our WW1 Centenary Anniversary memorabilia.

Curriculum Intent

Our History curriculum promotes curiosity and empowers our children to become independent and resilient learners. The FRIS History curriculum not only meets National Curriculum requirements but will provide memorable History lessons that will develop their skills, passion, curiosity and vocabulary therefore, prepare them for the next stage in their education.

All of our children study ‘History Mystery’ artefacts from the past to promote an open mindset, enquiring minds, speaking and listening skills to extend vocabulary and encourage collaboration. 

We link History to Drama, through recreating events from the past and understanding what life was like and how people felt at the time, children were able to handle and investigate artefacts from the past in order to discover their usage. Historical based workshops such as William Shakespeare encourages debate through pupil voice. 



Curriculum Implementation

The History curriculum has  carefully planned  learning opportunities which ensure in each year group there is a progression of skills, understanding and knowledge. 

Recently our children visited Southport as History detectives, searching for existing clues to our past heritage. They discovered the hidden doorway unlocking the secret of Southport's underground street. They admired the Victorian architecture, even braved the windy walk along the famous Southport Pier where they enjoyed the using the penny slot machines. No journey to the seaside would be complete without some chips. These were devoured by our staff and pupils! Southport has such a rich history and we want our children to understand and appreciate this. 

in the autumn term the whole-school celebrated ‘Remembrance’ as a theme and as part of this themed week, our pupils remembered and honoured those who sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. The children explored why remembrance is part of modern British life, culture and heritage. They impeccably observed a two minute silence, explored how the poppy is a symbol of remembrance and were inspired by John McCrae’s poem ‘In Flanders Fields’. Our School Council pupils visited St Cuthbert's church in Churchtown for a Memorial service and laid wreaths. We used our artistic skills to make clay poppy tiles, to create a lasting memorial in the school foyer. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1, the Infant and Junior Schools joined forces to make a dramatic poppy art installation in the school grounds. We are extremely proud of our pupils, who ensured that no-one is forgotten and united to honour all who suffered or died in war.

Curriculum Impact

We strive for every child to achieve their full potential in history and develop curiosity and excitement about their own, local and world history. We want them to be ready for their next stage in learning and inspire aspirations for the future career paths.

At Farnborough Road Infant School, we are History Mystery Detectives!



Curriculum Overview History

Ambitious vocabulary - Each year group has 6 ambitious words to learn and use in their topics

History Vocabulary Caterpillars to Year 2 used in our teaching