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Pupils’ understanding of this area is supported through exploration, practice and lots of talking.

Children find out about patterns, sorting, matching, numbers, counting and calculation, shape, space and measures.


We help them to use and develop their skills and knowledge to solve problems and make connections across other areas of learning through lots of practical, fun activities, for example in “Problem Solving Week,” “Puzzle Day” and in Year 2 Puzzle Club.

Please find the Mathematics Policy below

Picture 1 Number bonds to 10
Picture 2 Number bonds to 10
Picture 3 Data Collection Toys
Picture 4 Months of the Year
Picture 5 Puzzle Day
Picture 6 Year 1 Problem Solving
Picture 7 Penguin Puzzle
Picture 8 Rush Hour!
Picture 9 Sum Swamp
Picture 10 Number Doubles
Picture 11 Our own Snakes and Ladders
Picture 12 More Snakes and Ladders
Picture 13 Model Making
Picture 14 Balanced Models
Picture 15 Balanced Models
Picture 16 More Balanced Models!
Picture 17 Odd and Even Numbers
Picture 18 Sequencing Numbers
Picture 19 Number Track Game.