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Our School Values, Hopes and Dreams

                           'Learning, Caring and Achieving Together' 

   Our shared vision is compiled by the children, staff, parents and governors

at Farnborough Road Infant School.  


Our School Values: 

Respect: We listen to each other. We show good manners. We treat everyone fairly 

Compassion: We are tolerant. We think of others less fortunate than ourselves. 

Perseverance :We never give up. We strive to be the best we can be. We are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. 

Honesty: To take responsibility for our own actions. We always tell the truth. 

Love and Kindness: We are kind and caring individuals, We love our school community

and our world. 


Our School Hopes and Dreams:

Our Children will :

Have access to a safe, friendly and accessible learning environment.

Be encouraged to listen, share and support each other.

Be confident, happy, healthy and enthusiastic learners.

Be proud of their achievements.

Have access to an inspiring and stimulating curriculum that will challenge our 21st Century learners 

Our School will be a place where:

The foundations of learning are laid.

High moral values and standards of behaviour are nurtured. 

Children thrive through high expectations and excellent teaching. 

Everyone's views, cultures and learning differences are respected and appreciated.

Achievement is celebrated.

All our Farnborough family feel valued and supported. 

Everybody is a learner. 

Our World will be a place where: 

No-one is hungry 

Everyone can go to school 

Conflicts and differences are settled without innocent and helpless suffering.

Everyone feels special. has hope and a reason to smile!


' A vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is passing the time. 

Action with vision is making a positive difference.' Author unknown.