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The School Council is very important in our school.  The Council is created with two pupils from each class joining, making our Council a group of 24 children.  The children are the 'voice' of their classmates and peers. We get involved in lots of activities and the children make many decisions throughout the school year.

Christmas Tree Festival at St. John's

School Council children went with Mrs Price today to decorate our charity tree at St John's church. This year we will be supporting the NSPCC. Children in Year 1 and 2 will visit the charity trees on Monday with their class teacher to put their 1ps and 2ps in their chosen charity collection pots.


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School Council 2016 Staying Safe on-line Project

School Council 2015 Project Child friendly Friendship Posters

Southport Learning Partnership Project 2014/15


This year's project involves helping to make Bedford Park a better place. Working with Farnborough Juniors, Birkdale Primary, Our Lady of Lourdes, Greenbank and Christ the King Schools we have undertaken various activities.


Design a Bird Box Competition

Over 130 entries to the competition created a tough competition to judge!

The winners have now painted their designs and the bird boxes are up high in the trees at Bedford Park.


School Council children have designed welcoming posters for the park and these are on display around the park.


Earlier this month we collected Bug House materials and went to the park to create an amazing 'Bug Hotel'.  Here are some pictures of the day.

Bug Hotel Building

Bug Hotel Building 1 Lots of resources donated for our project.
Bug Hotel Building 2 Now, where to start?
Bug Hotel Building 3 Decisions, Decisions!
Bug Hotel Building 4 Lets start building.
Bug Hotel Building 5 We filled lots of pots and tubs.
Bug Hotel Building 6 We need to fill each layer.
Bug Hotel Building 7 It's getting higher!
Bug Hotel Building 8 Here is our finished Bug Hotel.
Bug Hotel Building 9 We even had time for a picnic in the park.
Bug Hotel Building 10 We were very proud of our hotel.