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Design and Technology Curriculum

At Farnborough Road Infant School we are Design and Technology Enthusiasts. We want all our children to love Design and Technology. We want them to have no limits to what their ambitions are and grow up wanting to be teachers, architects, engineers, graphic designers, chefs, nutritionists or carpenters.

We want all children to have access to appropriate Design and Technology experiences and resources so that they can become the teachers, architects, engineers, graphic designers, chefs, nutritionists or carpenters of the future. We want boys and girls to enjoy STEM learning and feel confident when using design and technology methods and processes throughout their education. We would like all pupils to understand how valuable these roles are in providing products and solutions in the world around us.


Curriculum Intent

Our Design and Technology curriculum promotes curiosity and empowers our children to become independent and resilient learners. The FRIS Design and Technology curriculum not only meets National Curriculum requirements but will provide memorable Design and Technology lessons that will develop their Design and Technology capital and prepare them for the next stage in their education.

Children experience a wide variety of Design and Technology opportunities in well planned exciting lessons and during our annual Science and Technology Week. Additionally, we have specialist visitors to school throughout the year to enhance our curriculum. We offer lunchtime and after school clubs that focus on developing key skills in Design and Technology.


Curriculum Implementation

The Design and Technology curriculum has  carefully planned  learning opportunities which ensure in each year group there is a progression of skills, understanding and knowledge. 

From entry into school the children are given a rich diet of technological experiences. Our Nursery children are engineers and architects as they explore construction materials and make junk models. Children prepare  healthy food as farm (Nursery garden) to fork is a feature of the food technology curriculum in our school. School grown carrots are used to make carrot cake, pumpkins have been transformed into silky soups, apples make their way into fruit kebabs and Gruffalo crumble. The school hens also supply eggs for baking, sandwich making  and school lunches. As children progress products are evaluated, assembled and disassembled to help children make informed choices in the products they are design and make. Textiles are used in Year 1 to create their own superhero puppets and Year 2 make their own unique Christmas stockings to hang on their fireplace ready for Father Christmas to fill. 

Curriculum Impact

We strive for every child to achieve their full potential in Design and Technology, develop a love of  Design and Technology, be ready for their next stage in learning and inspire aspirations for the future career paths.

At Farnborough Road Infant School, we are Design and Technology Enthusiasts!



DT Curriculum Overview

Ambitious vocabulary - Each year group has 6 ambitious words to learn and use in their topics

DT Vocabulary Caterpillars to Year 2 used in our teaching

Design and Technology Policy