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Headteacher's Awards. Look at our fabulous work !

Look at our fabulous writing in Year 1 and Year 2 this week !

Fabulous Artist and Dancer

Wonderful IT / Writing in Reception

Labelling the part of the plant and what they do. Well Done !

Creating different sentences about the man on the moon

Amazing home learning about our solar system - teaching Mrs Taylor about the dwarf planets!

Fabulous recount of the Easter Story- using lots of impressive vocabulary in Mrs Farmer's class.

Super jottings to share the crispy cakes out in Miss Sykes's Class

Fantastic independent writing - great progress - Well done !

Fantastic independent story writing in Year 1 inspired by their trip to Chester Zoo

Super independent Active Learning in Mrs Lea's class. Fabulous Chinese Dragon!

Fabulous Chester Zoo Story Maps in Mrs Fletcher's class. The girls really enjoyed their trip and told me all about the favourite animals. 

Amazing independent writing from Miss Webster's class and a fantastic verbal retell of the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. A very impressed Headteacher ! 

Amazing progress in Phonics ! 19/40 to 36/40 in half a term ! Thanks for your help Mrs Hepworth!

Super writing in Reception about friends.

Fabulous phonic work ! Mrs Farmer, Mr Farmer and Mrs Taylor are all very proud of you !

Amazing Maths from Mrs Andrew's class. Even completed a challenge question from Mrs Taylor !

Fabulous writing from Miss Smith's class. today

Independent writing about the Reception Trip to Farmer Teds

Super independent writing in room 4 about working animals. Well Done, Headteacher's award !

The boys in Mr Lilley's class made a parade in the castle for Queen Elizabeth's birthday ! 91 today !

I hope she likes it !

Fabulous homework researching Queen Victoria for the new Year 1 Topic this term ! Well Done !

Super independent writing in Reception- Choosing to write in their journals  Well done girls ! 

Fabulous independent sentence writing. You have remembered your finger spaces !
Independent Maths after being taught doubles with Mr Lilley! Well Done Headteacher's Award !
Independent Maths in the Role Play. Well Done ! Headteacher's Award for you !

Can you work out the multiplication sums which match the windows in these houses ?

Well Done girls ! You could tell me the calculation and could tell me that multiplication can be written in any order ! 2X3 and 3x2 both = 6!

Super number writing in Reception Room 4. Great recognition of number out of sequence and 1 more too!
Super progress learning book band words ! Very proud of yourself! A Headteacher's award !
A Headteacher's Award for your lovely rainforest picture !
Headteacher's award Well done ! You know all your 2D and 3D shapes !
Read to Succeed success ! Headteacher's Award ! You are the first child in Reception to know all your ORANGE words !!! We are very proud of you !
Fabulous Rainforest habitat from Mrs Fletcher's class. Well done ! I love the waterfall you have added and all the animals too!
Science and Technology Week - fabulous work Year 1 Room 5!


Fabulous, inspired writing in Year 1 for their new Rainforest topic !

Headteacher Awards for you !

Fabulous independent writing in Miss Sykes's Class today. Both girls were inspired by 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward a new text they are using in Year 2 in their Spring term topic Terrific Tales.
Lovely writing in Mrs Andrews' class ! Really thinking carefully about her presentation; handwriting, using the pre-cursive script, finger spaces and sitting her letters on the line ! A Headteacher's award for you !

What a super kenning........................................................................................................... Computer typer,  Neat Writer, Good Leader, Star of the Week Announcer, Assembly taker, Meeting conductor, Child Carer, Event Organiser, Teacher Teller, School Designer....... Who could this be ?



Fabulous firework safety writing in Mrs Beechey's class today ! The boys were using their bossy verbs to keep us safe this weekend. Well Done !

Look at our amazing sentence writing all about our holidays in Mr Lilley's class. Well done boys !Headteacher's Award for you both !  


Fabulous writing in Year 2. Their teacher Miss Sykes was very impressed. Headteacher's award to all of you.
Much improved Handwriting in Miss Cox's class. Well Done on your Head Teacher's Award.

Lovely pre-cursive writing in Miss Smith's class. Well done on your Head teacher's Award!


Great independent writing in Mrs Price's class. Well done girls, Headteacher's Award !

Fabulous homework. What a great idea! 

Painting pictures of the months of the year and putting them up in your bedroom !

Head teacher's award for you ! 

Miss Cox's class have written some very imaginative stories about the Giant. These children were awarded a Headteacher sticker for their wonderful written work. Keep it up Miss Cox's class!
Great work in Mrs Fletcher's class today on Alliteration. Children using the purple pen of progress to edit their own work.
Super independent writing James about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Headteacher's Award for you today !
Super independent written work from Miss Smith's class today!
Niamh wrote all about her visit to the chickens this afternoon and was thrilled to get her Headteacher's Award. Well done Niamh !

In Mrs Price's class Morgan completed some number bond to 10 calculations independently. 

Well Done Morgan you deserve your Headteacher's Award !

Miss Smith has a fabulous idea for encouraging independent challenge in her class.

The children choose a lolly stick from the jar to pick their next challenge!  

It might be write a book review or complete 10 addition calculations. 

Xing did some wonderful independent writing today retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk!

He brought his friend with him to show Mrs Taylor. A well deserved 'Headteacher's Award Xing!'  

Super Maths in Year 1 boys. Well Done, you deserve your 'Headteacher's Award'!

Look at Jaycee's fabulous camouflage painting which she received a 'Headteacher's Award' for.

She has really enjoyed learning about the Rainforest in Year 1 and learnt lots about the animals living there at Chester Zoo. Well Done, Jaycee!

Nicole has made an inspirational Rainforest Environment in Mrs Fletcher's class this week. She has truly inspired all her friends with her design which has gained her a 'Headteacher's Award' and sticker. Well Done Nicole!