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Parking Poster Competition 2015

As you know we deal with issues about parking and driving in the community and we are keen for everyone to know our simple rules.

 - Park Away and Walk if you can

 -When you park, please do so carefully and don't block the pavements

 - Don't block drives, even for a short time.

 - Stay off the yellow lines, zig-zags and white 'H' bars. These lines are here for a reason!

-Farnborough Road is only for permit holders 

-Stay out of the School Car Parks.

-Think about the safety of children at all times!

Children were asked to design a poster to publicise our rules 


Children were asked to design a poster to publicise these rules.

Our 3 lucky winners were:

Reception - Angus Scott- Mr Lilley's class   £10 book voucher 

Year 1 -Freya Thistleton- Miss Smith's class    £10 book voucher 

And our overall winner whose poster will be distributed is ........

Year 2 - Melissa Moscrop - Mrs Mayor's class  £20 book voucher 


Thank you to all our children for their entries and to all our parents/carers who keep to these rules every day and care about our children's safety as much as I do.

            Remember : If you care, please be aware !!