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'Rocket Science'

‘Rocket Science’

On Wednesday, one of our parents in Year 2 , Helen Jones  organised for the children to become space biologists and embark on a voyage of discovery by growing seeds that have been to space.

Farnborough Road Infant School was selected as one of the schools to take part in the exciting new “Rocket Science” experiment, to grow rocket seeds that have been to space.

In September, 2kg of rocket seeds were flown to the International Space Station (ISS) on Soyuz 44S where they spent several months in microgravity, before returning to Earth in March. The seeds were sent as part of Rocket Science, an educational project launched by the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and the UK Space Agency.

The aim of the experiment is to see the difference in plant growth between seeds that have been exposed to microgravity in space and normal seeds.

Over the next 5 week children from all our classes will be watering and measuring the progress of the seeds. Data will then be sent back to see which whether space travel has helped their growth.

This is an incredible opportunity for all the children to get involved in a fun and exciting experiment and in our school garden. If you are interested in joining our Parent and child gardening club look out for more information this term.

Read the message from Tim Peake re: Rocket Science on the following web page:

Which seeds will grow the fastest or the strongest?

Watch this space?