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The Cardboard People Project

On 4th and 11th June a charity organisation based in Crosby called 'In Another Place'  visited our school to begin a project called 'The Cardboard People'. The project has a dual purpose, it's aim is to highlight the diversity amongst us all whilst celebrating the fact that we are 'the same, but different' and also to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the Antony Gormley iron man statues, also named 'Another Place' located on Crosby Beach. The group worked with children from Reception and Years One and Two, to use cardboard and an applied paper technique used traditionally in Africa, in order to create our very own full size statue. We are in the process of decorating our 'Quirky' as the statues have been affectionately named, to represent our school. We are ensuring that the whole school have made a contribution in some way. We have even created our own Build-a-Bear as a companion for our 'Quirky'. The children have been very excited about this project. Please take a look at the gallery and keep an eye out for the finished products!