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Virtual Balloon Race

This term Farnborough Road Schools, along with many other schools in the Southport Learning Partnership, is supporting Queenscourt Hospice as or nominated charity.


To help Queenscourt to celebrate their 25th Anniversary, we will be joining in with their Virtual Balloon Race to raise vital funds for the Hospice. The race will take place from the 27th of June until the 4th of July and the balloons will be launched virtually from Queenscourt Hospice. After the release, you can track your balloon every step of the way on balloon race website. A balloon costs £3 and all you have to do to join in the fun is buy one of the £3 tickets we will be selling in school from our reception.


Everything about the balloon race is real except for the balloons. Whilst real balloons are not environmentally friendly causing harm to animals and birds when they fall back to Earth, this virtual system causes zero harm to wildlife. The computerised system used to create the race includes a series of complex algorithms and modules that mimic real balloons and the balloons fly in accordance with the prevailing weather conditions locally.


The children go to our website, set up an account then buy a balloon using the activation code on their ticket.  They can then design their own balloon choosing the shape, the thickness of the rubber, the amount of helium in the balloon.  All these factors determine how high and fast the balloon will fly.  The balloon can also be decorated with text, new colours or other patterns such as stars and stripes.


Once the balloons have been launched the children can follow the progress of their balloon on the computer using Queenscourt’s website


First prize is an iPad Mini, Second Prize is £100 in cash and Third Prize is £50 in cash.  Thank you for helping us to support this great local charity.